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Happy New Year

I'm back on the health and weightloss wagon, though I've still never been to Whitby *blush*

My Mum died in April last year and things pretty much went to pot for a while- I left LJ and didn't feel I could communicate much with anyone BUT I did decide that I wanted to get fit and healthy and between July and Oct I went from 183lbs to 158. Dunno what happened to knock me so soundly "off plan" but I stopped exercising (which didn't make much difference for about a month- yay muscles!) and began eating processed crap again and lo! come Xmas all bets were off. Weighed in at 178 this morning, curses.

One good thing (overall) is that I stopped drinking completely in November- I used to do about 30 odd units a week. I used EFT therapy for that - 1 session and now I couldn't care less about white wine. Believe me this is a Big Deal. Unfortunately I assumed the weight would miraculously fall off even if I shovelled crisps/cookies/fat in and of course have been thoroughly disabused of that. Hey ho- my liver is thanking me. I'm back for more EFT on Friday and using it for weightloss primarily though am pretty sure there's self-esteem stuff in there I need to address- you know, why I sabotage myself/use food emotionally etc etc. I had a sesh before I went on holiday in July and amazingly didn't touch chips/kebabs etc and ate pretty much healthily (drank every night mind you LOL ) and only put on 2 lbs.Again- couldn't believe it, didn't feel deprived at all. I really need to get that mentality back- that feeling of "non-attachment" to particular foods (do excuse me if therapy speak invades my posts).

I've tried Atkins/lowcarb many times (giving it "THIS time it'll work" *sigh*) with minimal success, I guess the idea of being able to eat cheese/mayo/fat was what appealed but I only started to lose at the rate I wanted when I cut out fat. I guess it horses for courses and that's mine, dammit :0/ So my "plan" was lots of fruit and veg and then fish/white meat for my main meal. The odd Slimfast shake thrown in here and there. Exercise wise I did 45-60 mins cardio a day- nothing mega hard- I used Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds as it counts how many miles you do (I aim for 4 a day), or a Susan Powter vid. The on alternate days I did Upper Body with a Susan Powter weight training video Lower Body by using Callanetics. 6 days out of 7. Once I got past about 2 weeks I was loving it- largely as the wieght was falling off. I even got up at 6am one morning to get it in as I had a meeting and knew I woudn't have had time later. Mad!

Anyhow I'm now following a 21 Day Kickstart concocted by Jason Vale the juicing guy (his "Slim For Life" is a really good read) I must admit I've found having juice in the morning DOES stop me obssessing about what I'm going to eat next- balances the blood sugar apparently. After the 3 weeks it's back to healthy eating, no pre-packed meals and no carbs after 6pm til I get to goal (130). After that I plan to do a 5 days healthy/2 days 'sod it' but I'll see how I go.

Christ that must have bored you to tears. Good luck to everyone that's embarking on their own plans.

Oh and reading back- Slimming World- bloody cheek- you're right total money making exercise. Pah.
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