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I'm looking forward to another chubby Whitby :( I've got an excuse but it's scant consolation.

Long-standing occasional stomach problems have deteriorated over the last year or so, and now I've been diagnosed with gastritis which might be a stomach ulcer. Antacids have a limited effect and all that relieves the pain is to keep eating, preferably every 2-3 hours. I've forgotten what hunger feels like, all the natural appetite triggers have been overtaken by real pain if I don't eat. The more I exercise the more I need to eat, and in any case I'm usually too tired/in pain to consider anything energetic. Drug therapy didn't work and I'm on the waiting list for gastroscopy. In the meantime, I have to just manage the symptoms.

Whitby will be interesting. I've decided to stop drinking alcohol for the duration, *sob* and I dread to think how my poor guts will react to being laced into a corset. Big fryups and pig inna bun are probably a bad idea.

So, if you see me frantically munching an apple with a look of pained concentration, that's why. If in desperation I resort to chips at the Spa, it's medicine, not pigging out.

Still, I should save money. I resent buying new clothes now, so I'll pack the ones that still fit and save my pennies for healthy snacks. In the Land of Lard.

It took some kind of particularly malevolent deity to inflict a stomach problem that causes weight gain. Pah.
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