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only.. um... 9 1/2 weeks to go????


what's everyone's new trick for magic pre-whitby weight loss?
my current one is to avoid eating meals til after 6pm.

if it doesnt work after 3 more weeks (this is week 1, i have 1 stone to lose) ie, no significant weight loss, it's onto plan B which will involve some kind of swallowing of stones or something to keep my tummy feeling full.

i hear high dose H2 antagonizts (eg zantac) are supposed to reduce appetite.
of course, i'd never recommend or condone such a thing, but....

then there's the usual outfit panic. have one dress in mind to buy, two i could fit into if i lost abovementioned stone and at least 2 i have ideas for making.

but time and patience and stuff are in my way, damnit!

i will look good this whitby!

(to make up for not fancying watching any of the bands apart from the last dance, and possibly corrosion!)

*tears hair out*

did i mention i have no idea what to do with my hair?

and no, it's never too early to panic!
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