the Girl who wanted to be Marge (godgirl) wrote in whitby_diet,
the Girl who wanted to be Marge

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yay i lost 4lb!!

well, 2kg, to be exact, i tend to weigh myself in kg as im used to it.

yesterday: 77+kg
today: 75+kg

the trick?

go out after late breakfast of low fat yogurt, take one banana along for lunch, eat said banana at 3pm, go to pub at 5pm, drink wine til 11pm, be sick on way home, and be unable to keep any food down for next 18 hours!!

see, its great!

i dont feel great and it'll probably creep back on once i make/eat my dinner etc, but i still lost 4lb :)

.. right.. back to the healthy kick. making beans, salsa and rice for dinner :)
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