the Girl who wanted to be Marge (godgirl) wrote in whitby_diet,
the Girl who wanted to be Marge

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feeling less than enthusiastic...

i need to feel inspired to exercise more, i just wish i had the willpower.

i'm currently lacking in willpower.

i joined the gym, specifically to go to the yoga classes and in 3 weeks ive not been to a single one and theres one on almost every day!!

i just need the willpower.

but i dont like routine.....

my gym bores me.

mind you, currently, my life isn't that exciting either.

i think i'm going to start again properly next week with the exercise. somehow i need to fit it into my day without making it seem like it's taking over my day.

not that there is anythign else to do in my day, i just get this nasty feeling that the gym sucks my whole day away, like some kind of strange vortex....

perhaps i should try going first thing in the morning and get it over and done with.... it's too easy to relax with my breakfast, the laptop, television, stuff... and let the days drift by.

this is what happens when you're not working
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