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Sunday, January 9th, 2005
2:21 pm - Huzzah!

Mon 178.6
Tue 176
Wed 174.4
Thu 173
Fri 172.5
Sat 171.8
Sun 170.8

Total week 1: 7.8lbs
That's pretty damn pleasing :oD
Though it won't keep to that rate (which wouldn't be healthy over the ling run anyway) as this next week sees the introduction of protein and man-made carbs, though not at the same meal. And I have dinner on Mon and breakfast and lunch on Tue at a works meeting but will adhere to the principles.

Target loss next week 4lbs.

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Saturday, January 8th, 2005
12:21 pm

I like the Whitby icon so will continue in here too stephanielay

Down to 171.8 this morning despite TOM so 6.8lbs in 6 days. Not bad. And yes I expect it to slow waaaaaaaay down next week LOL

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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
11:39 am - Good news

2lbs off from yesterday. Long may this constinue.

So just the 46lbs to go *sigh*

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Monday, January 3rd, 2005
7:05 pm - Happy New Year

I'm back on the health and weightloss wagon, though I've still never been to Whitby *blush*

My Mum died in April last year and things pretty much went to pot for a while- I left LJ and didn't feel I could communicate much with anyone BUT I did decide that I wanted to get fit and healthy and between July and Oct I went from 183lbs to 158. Dunno what happened to knock me so soundly "off plan" but I stopped exercising (which didn't make much difference for about a month- yay muscles!) and began eating processed crap again and lo! come Xmas all bets were off. Weighed in at 178 this morning, curses.

One good thing (overall) is that I stopped drinking completely in November- I used to do about 30 odd units a week. I used EFT therapy for that - 1 session and now I couldn't care less about white wine. Believe me this is a Big Deal. Unfortunately I assumed the weight would miraculously fall off even if I shovelled crisps/cookies/fat in and of course have been thoroughly disabused of that. Hey ho- my liver is thanking me. I'm back for more EFT on Friday and using it for weightloss primarily though am pretty sure there's self-esteem stuff in there I need to address- you know, why I sabotage myself/use food emotionally etc etc. I had a sesh before I went on holiday in July and amazingly didn't touch chips/kebabs etc and ate pretty much healthily (drank every night mind you LOL ) and only put on 2 lbs.Again- couldn't believe it, didn't feel deprived at all. I really need to get that mentality back- that feeling of "non-attachment" to particular foods (do excuse me if therapy speak invades my posts).

I've tried Atkins/lowcarb many times (giving it "THIS time it'll work" *sigh*) with minimal success, I guess the idea of being able to eat cheese/mayo/fat was what appealed but I only started to lose at the rate I wanted when I cut out fat. I guess it horses for courses and that's mine, dammit :0/ So my "plan" was lots of fruit and veg and then fish/white meat for my main meal. The odd Slimfast shake thrown in here and there. Exercise wise I did 45-60 mins cardio a day- nothing mega hard- I used Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds as it counts how many miles you do (I aim for 4 a day), or a Susan Powter vid. The on alternate days I did Upper Body with a Susan Powter weight training video Lower Body by using Callanetics. 6 days out of 7. Once I got past about 2 weeks I was loving it- largely as the wieght was falling off. I even got up at 6am one morning to get it in as I had a meeting and knew I woudn't have had time later. Mad!

Anyhow I'm now following a 21 Day Kickstart concocted by Jason Vale the juicing guy (his "Slim For Life" is a really good read) I must admit I've found having juice in the morning DOES stop me obssessing about what I'm going to eat next- balances the blood sugar apparently. After the 3 weeks it's back to healthy eating, no pre-packed meals and no carbs after 6pm til I get to goal (130). After that I plan to do a 5 days healthy/2 days 'sod it' but I'll see how I go.

Christ that must have bored you to tears. Good luck to everyone that's embarking on their own plans.

Oh and reading back- Slimming World- bloody cheek- you're right total money making exercise. Pah.

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Thursday, December 9th, 2004
3:50 pm - Kinda 2 questions in 1

So, how do you guys measure your weight loss? I don't have scales in the house as i think i'd become obsessed with weighing myself. However, i was weighed about 2 weeks ago by my doctor and told i had lost approx 7 pounds in 1 1/2 months. I went to the dietician on Tuesday, and got told that i hadn't lost or gained anything in the last 4 months since i saw her! Don't know who's right, but if i haven't lost anything, i am loosing all willpower and hope! I've been cutting down cheese, bread, pasta and junk foods as well as using my stepping machine religiously, so if that isn't working, i don't know what will!

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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
4:37 pm

After buying that 'you are what you eat' book,i've been eating a lot more seeds and nuts and lentils.
Problem is, i've started to get really bad pains in my tummy (like period pains) when i eat the nuts and seeds.
Not sure if this is my bodys' way of telling me it's getting rid of horrid toxins and the like, but it just seems odd. Any ideas? My mother, who's also eating a lot more nuts and seeds is also getting this pain.

Oh yeah, while i'm at it...
what excersises are very very good for sorting out bums and tums? I'm rather crap at sit upas and the like due to damaged shoulders and back.

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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
11:56 am

So, i had a bit of a health scare, and thought that i had a blood clot. Turns out that it was because i'm stupidly obese ( 8 stone overweight), and because my muscles just aren't use to walking that far.

So, i need some tips. I do like walking, and swimming and all the rest, but that problem i have with all that is that i get out on breath, panic, and get really really embarassed. Any tips for excersise that is gentle enough to not physically leave me all hot and red within 5 minutes, but enough to get my fitness levels up?

Also, eating: I try to be good and have a salad, or nibble on fruit and stuff instead of crisps, cheese and chocolate, but i find myself being good,but still being starving after eating healthy stuff. And so i eat the unhealthy stuff as well!! Any tips for willpower?

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Monday, September 20th, 2004
3:37 pm - how to lose two pounds after a large meal!!!

great new diet tip!

worried you're not meeting your diet target for whitby?

concerned that men buying you yummy meals is interfering with your slimming plans?

worried that those last few pounds arent shifting???

there's a simple solution!!!Collapse )

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9:31 am - mope

I'm looking forward to another chubby Whitby :( I've got an excuse but it's scant consolation.

TMI bodily functions cut for the squeamishCollapse )

Whitby will be interesting. I've decided to stop drinking alcohol for the duration, *sob* and I dread to think how my poor guts will react to being laced into a corset. Big fryups and pig inna bun are probably a bad idea.

So, if you see me frantically munching an apple with a look of pained concentration, that's why. If in desperation I resort to chips at the Spa, it's medicine, not pigging out.

Still, I should save money. I resent buying new clothes now, so I'll pack the ones that still fit and save my pennies for healthy snacks. In the Land of Lard.

It took some kind of particularly malevolent deity to inflict a stomach problem that causes weight gain. Pah.

current mood: sick

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Monday, September 13th, 2004
11:21 pm - cheapo's guide to diet foods....

tip: tesco own brand meal replacement pasta and rice sachets in packets of 3 are 79p for the mushroom pasta and chinese rice ones, which works out about 27p a portion.

something odd with their pricing which they might fix, but if you ancy cheapo slimfast style pasta meals theyre not bad for the price!
oh and its just add boiling water and stir.... so can be taken to work even if a kettle is all that they have! even 2 packets is only 450 calories!

ps: diet not going well, keep going out for meals with boyfriend who thinks 3 course dinners are romantic and stuff... ARGH!!!!!

must try harder. i will be buying loads of the pasta packets if i dont die after a week on them....

current mood: full

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Saturday, August 21st, 2004
12:43 am - countdown....

only.. um... 9 1/2 weeks to go????


what's everyone's new trick for magic pre-whitby weight loss?
my current one is to avoid eating meals til after 6pm.

if it doesnt work after 3 more weeks (this is week 1, i have 1 stone to lose) ie, no significant weight loss, it's onto plan B which will involve some kind of swallowing of stones or something to keep my tummy feeling full.

i hear high dose H2 antagonizts (eg zantac) are supposed to reduce appetite.
of course, i'd never recommend or condone such a thing, but....

then there's the usual outfit panic. have one dress in mind to buy, two i could fit into if i lost abovementioned stone and at least 2 i have ideas for making.

but time and patience and stuff are in my way, damnit!

i will look good this whitby!

(to make up for not fancying watching any of the bands apart from the last dance, and possibly corrosion!)

*tears hair out*

did i mention i have no idea what to do with my hair?

and no, it's never too early to panic!

current mood: crappy

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
1:54 pm - thought this may be of help :-)


Gorgeous, low fat ice cream. I've found heaven!

current mood: content

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Thursday, July 15th, 2004
11:04 pm - health benefits of chocolate...


note sponsorship on page 2.


current mood: cranky

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Sunday, March 28th, 2004
3:45 pm - it's actually gone...

for now...

still at 75+

the crunch is will it stay below 76 after a "normal" week.

if it does, i'll be happy. my target is kind of 70-72 by the 22nd of april, so ive got 3 1/2 weeks to lose another 3-4kg... pushing it... unless maybe i go on another alcohol bender ;p

current mood: content

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Saturday, March 27th, 2004
9:06 pm - yay i lost 4lb!!

well, 2kg, to be exact, i tend to weigh myself in kg as im used to it.

yesterday: 77+kg
today: 75+kg

the trick?

go out after late breakfast of low fat yogurt, take one banana along for lunch, eat said banana at 3pm, go to pub at 5pm, drink wine til 11pm, be sick on way home, and be unable to keep any food down for next 18 hours!!

see, its great!

i dont feel great and it'll probably creep back on once i make/eat my dinner etc, but i still lost 4lb :)

.. right.. back to the healthy kick. making beans, salsa and rice for dinner :)

current mood: crazy

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Friday, March 26th, 2004
11:39 am - Motivation

Since deciding not to go to Whitters in April, and possibly not even in November either, i seem to have no motivation at all.
While shopping last night i just thought to myself while skimming the cheese,chocolate and pizza shelves "Ah. nobody's going to see me!" because i rarely go out in the town i live in. Well.. not to goth nights and the like anyway.

Any tips on getting my wilpower back? I don't really want to stay a size 20 all my life, ta very much!

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Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
5:07 pm - feeling less than enthusiastic...

i need to feel inspired to exercise more, i just wish i had the willpower.

i'm currently lacking in willpower.

i joined the gym, specifically to go to the yoga classes and in 3 weeks ive not been to a single one and theres one on almost every day!!

i just need the willpower.

but i dont like routine.....

my gym bores me.

mind you, currently, my life isn't that exciting either.

i think i'm going to start again properly next week with the exercise. somehow i need to fit it into my day without making it seem like it's taking over my day.

not that there is anythign else to do in my day, i just get this nasty feeling that the gym sucks my whole day away, like some kind of strange vortex....

perhaps i should try going first thing in the morning and get it over and done with.... it's too easy to relax with my breakfast, the laptop, television, stuff... and let the days drift by.

this is what happens when you're not working

current mood: annoyed

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
5:55 pm - justification?

so, i haven't been to the gym. but for the past 2 1/2 hours ive hoovered, dusted, washed, scrubbed, polished, tidied, etc... and apparently, thats not too bad... just got the dishes left to do and some laundry to sort....

excuses for why it's ok to stay at homeCollapse )

current mood: exhausted

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1:59 pm - mental note to self...

.. when measuring waist circumference, do not look down at the tape measure as it adds 2 inches, look in the mirror at where the tape measure lies.

yay. ive lost 2 inches off my waist by standing up straight!

...feeling very foolish.....

current mood: embarrassed

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Monday, March 15th, 2004
6:33 pm - 5 weeks to go???

and a stone to lose.....


joined the gym last week.

been 3x

somehow, my waistline seems to have *grown* a lot over the past week.

i do hope its trapped wind! according to the next catalogue, my current measurements have me as a size 18!!!

i was a 14 a few months ago! ... ok, a good few months ago...

but all my size 16 trousers still fit... kind of.

*exploding sound*

ok ok.

5 weeks to shift this michelin man suit!

current mood: fat

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